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We are a family winery founded in 2018 by Juan Pablo Diaz Leon and Ceylan Ertörer Diaz Leon. We believe in making wines that can be a true reflection of their origins. We are personally involved in all processes, from the work in the vineyard to the delivery of the wine to you.



Our goal is to identify unique plots and then bring out the region-specific features in each bottle as uniquely as possible. We believe that for a wine to be authentic, it must have the power to bind people to a region and to each other.


We are committed to working in a sustainable way that respects the environment, society and people, both in the vineyard and the winery. We believe in the importance of harmony between human and nature.


In order to bring our products from good to better, we take the tradition and history from the past on one hand, while following the future on the other.

We believe in the constant pursuit of innovation and creativity. We think and experiment with different wine making styles, production techniques, philosophies.


We will leave the principles of causality, quantum theory and the discussions about who and how determines our stories to philosophers and scientists. However in order to tell our story, we need to explain the strain of events with interesting intersections, that lead us to the point that we are in today  

Ceylan's grandmother had immigrated from Crete to Urla

during the population exchange in 1923.


The family had started to earn their living by farming on the land given to them in Urla-Hebiller. The next generation does not pursue farming, but Ceylan's parents, who had grown with farming traditions, plants vineyards in 1996. Ceylan is the 3rd generation of the family raised in Urla, had studied industrial engineering and works in Istanbul as a consultants. She initially has no dreams to pursue viticulture. She goes back to Urla due to her mother's illness in 2012. That same year, she goes to Montreal for a short training, and meets Juan, who eventually follows Ceylan to Turkey. Juan is from Chile, which is so famous for its wines, that it is called a wine country. Juan's family also deals with viticulture, but neither Juan nor Ceylan yet dreams of pursuing viticulture. That same year, Mrs. Canan, Ceylan's mother, passes away, leaving the vineyards she had planted with her own hands unattended. Two more years go by. Ceylan and Juan get married. Ceylan continues her own career, while Juan continues his studies in his own profession. One day, Ceylan brings Juan to the vineyards planted by Mrs. Canan. They stop at a point that overlooks the vineyards panoramically. While Ceylan takes a trip down memory lane, Juan is excited, as if he found a long lost treasure. Ceylan is happy about Juan's excitement, having been interested in working with the land herself. They experience at that moment the birth of a dream that has been hidden in the back of their minds. A dream with many memories of childhood:


A dream of viticulture!



This is a summary of how our dream was born. It is further meaningful for us that the birth of our daughter and the birth of the vineyards coincided. Now she too is growing together with the land where Ceylan has her roots. Without wasting any time, we got to work. We left our jobs and focused completely on the vineyard. Juan, with extraordinary effort, has made a tremendous amount of research and reading on viticulture. Our curiosity and excitement has grown more and more. We received consultation and advice from experienced consultants in viticulture and onology. While reviving old vineyards, we planted new vineyards in a 10 decar area in 2018. While researching the viticulture tradition in the region, we came across some vineyards that had been long overlooked, but carried immense potential if given enough care, and started innovative practices in these lands. After convincing and gaining the trust of these vineyard owners, we started getting exciting results form our work. After the 2019 harvest season, we have made a trial production of around 10thousand liters. Our winery, which we started building in 2018, has been completed in the beginning of 2020. Part of 2019 harvest had been bottled, while part had continued to mature in bottles. We had continued with around 13thousand liters in the 2020 campaign season.

  Our story is the naive but heart-driven carriage of an ancient train. It is a taste that teaches new things as it is written. Our story is HUS. And it's all about the wine :) 
With Love…  


Juan Pablo.jpg


(28.06.1987 - 21.10.2021)

A young man of just 34 years, has passed through Urla.


His life adventure had started in the Chilean city of Vina del Mar (The Vineyards of the Sea). He had a big, warm family full of love. Everything was complete.

He grew up, he finished schools. He became a journalist. He loved to research, to interpret, to research. He wondered about the world. He left his country. His first stop was Montreal. He suddenly found the love of his life. He didn't let go. 

A young man, just 26 years old, has come to Urla. Following his love. He became a lover, a soulmate, a companion. He has found a family full of love. He shared their sorrows and joys. They held hands in love. They became a family. Everything was complete. 

A young man, just 30 years old, has became a father in Urla. He called his daughter Mila. He loved his daughter to the moon and back. He loved her like he loved Santiago, like he loved Urla. As if they would never be apart. He whispered into her ears in his own language, and listened to her speak it back to him. Everything was complete. 

A young man, just 30 years old, has found himself in Urla. He stood hand in hand with his wive, and said "we will make wine". He called his wine 'HUS'. He worked days, he worked nights, he worked through summer, he worked through winter. He worked in the vineyard, in the cellar, in the winery, he worked everywhere. He gathered the tastes of this land and the sun in his wine. Everything was complete. 

A young man, just 34 years old, was lost in Urla. His heart stopped while playing with his daughter. He never had enough time with his daughter. He never had enough time with his wife. He didn't have enough time with all that he has accomplished, everything and everyone he loved. Now everything is missing.

A young man, just 34 years old, made a mark in Urla. He came all the way from the other side of the world, from Chile. He loved and was loved. He has lived all his life gracefully, cheerfully and graciously. He has gifted us beautiful days to be lived at HUS.

Our dear Juan, we will never forget you.

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