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Our winery, which is located in the middle of two seas with Urla and İzmir Bay in the north, Sığacık Bay in the south, at a point known as Hebiller , with a forest on one side and plains on the other. While it is usually hot and dry in the summers in this region, we have cooler summer temperatures due to strong winds of Marika Straight, and we experience the rainy and mild Aegean weather in the winters.

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While designing our winery, for which we laid the foundations in 2019, we prioritized being respectful and compatible with our geography (knowing fully well that 0 is not possible). We adapted our location around age old olive trees. Olive is important a part of this geography as the vineyard. We positioned our production area and cellar underground, to benefit from natural climatization. We designed the production process to allow for minimum intervention on the grapes during the production phase, using a gravitational method.



After analyses and consultant opinions, we planted Syrah and Grenache

varieties in 2018 in a 10 decare area around our vineyard, which we could manage ourselves.

We adopted ecological viticulture practices with the indispensable principle of

sustainability and responsibility, and planted with 1,1 x 2,2 meter gaps.


Additionally, we continue our efforts to restore old vineyards planted

by our family in 2003 on the same land.


In addition to our own vineyards, we work with growers to source grapes

from private plots. We believe in the importance of sharing knowledge and

working together in the development of viticulture.



Immediately above our production area, we have a tasting room, restaurant and a terrace with a panoramic view of the vineyards.

Be our guest for an experience that will appeal to all your senses

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HUS Winery hosts many events such as pop-up menus with guest chefs, celebrations and corporate meetings. You can contact our venue for events at sunset, overlooking every shade of green in the unique view of our vineyards, making your celebrations ever more unforgettable.

Events Contact

0 545 571 90 42

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